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Multipe Winner RPLA awards -
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Multiple Winner - RPLA awards
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DWAA Maxwell Medal - Best in Non-Fiction
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Best Selling Author - Romantic Suspense (UK)
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Best Selling Author - Historical (War of 1812)
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In the summer of 1914 love finds Jeanne DeReadt in the form of a young and handsome Belgian lieutenant. The young lovers go on a clandestine picnic with their friends, and the idyllic day and evening will be forever burned into Jeanne’s memory. By date’s end, WWI has begun, Belgium is invaded and they are at gunpoint before a German officer.

The mechanizations of a small country desperately trying to remain neutral at the onslaught of the first Great World War have far reaching impacts on its citizens. From Jeanne’s rash cousin Emiel to her first love Michael, all will be measured with unerring precision by the scales of war. Horrific crimes against humanity will be unearthed in ones past as he participated in Belgium’s rubber and ivory trade. This same contempt of fellow human-beings is revisited on a country as a whole.

In the midst of this, Jeanne is left with struggling to save her father, feed her family by smuggling food, and accept the loss of her own youth and innocence. For this one season, no one escapes the Eagle and Its Talons as its shadow sweeps ominously over all of Europe.
In the summer of 2005, Karen Gonzalez and her husband receive the one phone call every parent dreads: their beautiful daughter, Bianca, who risked injury every time she competed in equestrian jumping instead has been in a horrific motorcycle accident, and she hadn't been wearing a helmet.

As an R.N. working surgery, Karen is only too aware of the extensive brain damage that can come from this type of accident—if the victim even survives. They quickly exhaust their options in their local Kansas town, and Karen takes extraordinary measures to have Bianca admitted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, Florida.

During their time there, they ride out Hurricane Katrina and hear first hand accounts of what really went on in the New Orleans Superdome. Through all this, Karen is focused on Bianca. Will she move? Will she ever talk? Is there any hope at all of finding her daughter somewhere deep inside this helpless being? By the end of their Six Weeks at Ryder, she will have her answer.
D.L. Havlin  >
Multipe Winner RPLA awards -
POW awards
Rebecca Melvin  >
Best Selling Author - Romantic Suspense (UK)
Skylar Hamilton Burris  >
Best Selling Author - Christian Romance
Rebecca Melvin  >
Best Selling Author - Romantic Suspense (UK)
Matriarch of Steel - Elisabeth Riis: As the only child of a lumber industry titan just after the War Between the States, her future should have been bright. Now at the turn of the century, she's the head of her father's company and caring for her two orphaned granddaughters who chafe at her strict restrictions. She'll not see them repeat their mother's disastrous history, or make the same mistakes she made—mistakes that are haunting her now in the form of a powerful politician.

Daughter of Bitterness - Mary Ellen Riis: Born to a mother who can barely stand the sight of her, her only consolation is a father confined to a wheelchair enduring constant pain. She turns to romance and marriage with a reckless gambler, and upon his death, to the low and deadly slums of opium addiction. How could this wreck of a woman possibly hold the key to her daughters' future happiness?

Daughters of Mystery and Hope: Living under the tyrannical eye of their grandmother, Barbara and Lily are eager to do something with their lives. Despite their family's great wealth, being Irish denies them the path of the debutante. A single night's rebellious fun leads them on a trail of mystery. What really happened to their mother? And what does New York State Senator and Presidential Nominee Justin Pembroke have to do with their grandmother's sudden disappearance?

Coach Calder Johnson's wife has, according to the hospital social worker, expired. Expired. Like a credit card. Not like a human being. Calder hasn't had a true friend, other than his wife, in twenty-four years. So if he's going to heal, he'll have to learn to let someone inside.

Unfortunately, Calder's catalog of potential friends swells with unlikely candidates.  There's Jacoby Reynolds, the blunt Anglican priest who watched his wife die, and Lynn McIntire, the beautiful but strangely efficient single mother next door. Then there's Justin Robinson, an embittered teen Calder wants to recruit for his high school football team. Enter also Connie Myers, the new Calvert High principal, an attractive yet hard-edged woman who's determined to shake up the status quo.

Only when Coach Johnson's heart is finally laid bare will he learn that you can find friendship—and love—in the most unexpected places.