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For a number of years this was the Double Edge Press website incorporating traditional publishing practices to both manuscript selection and marketing.
Content is from the site's 2006 -2014 archived pages providing a glimpse of the books this site offered its readers and authors.

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Double Edge Press Christian Publishing
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Circa 2006

Double Edge Press is a new Publishing House incorporating traditional publishing practices with a double edge approach to both manuscript selection and marketing.

Our Goals:

  • To have 80% of the titles we publish be by highly talented new authors.
  • To have 20% of the titles we publish be by previously published authors, including those authors we have previously debuted.
  • To have a premier line of at least twenty titles on book store shelves by fall of 2006.

Retailers, Wholesalers or Individual Buyers! Double Edge Press is committed to working with our partners, whether they have large orders to fill, or need just one book.

  • Ability to give large discounts for large volume orders.
  • A full return policy on all no-sales for standard discounts. 50% return policy on all no-sales for large discounts.
  • Individualized discount programs to fit your needs.
  • Net 30 Accounts available upon approval.
  • Fast order and ship fulfilment.

Upcoming Special Events:
April 9, 2006:  T.S. Beckett Book Signing at B. Dalton Book Store, 406 Valley Mall, Highway 33 East, Harrisonburg, Virginia.

In the Works:
March 12, 2006:  Rebecca Melvin Book Signing for West Alexander United Methodist Church Fund Raiser, West Alexander, Pennsylvania. Date to be confirmed. 
April 2, 2006:  Rebecca Melvin Book Signing at the historical San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, California from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Author participation is still tentative.


Circa 2014

Double Edge Press is a traditional publishing house created in 2005 to offer readers extraordinary stories and writing with Christian themes.

  • We contract with authors on rights to a specific work with first option on a subsequent work.
  • We provide editorial and revision support as needed.
  • We pay royalties.
  • We handle all legal matters pertaining to copyrighting, marketing and sales of work.
  • We use print-on-demand technology as well as traditional off-set (mass) printing.
  • We market through Midpoint Trade Books Distribution, with accounts with Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Target, Sam's Club and Wal-mart, as well as many other book stores.



Authors Circa 2014


Skylar Hamilton Burris' first full length novel, Conviction: a Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice quickly became a favorite among fans of the genre and has been on the best-seller's list for Amazon/Waldenbooks Religious Romance regularly.

She followed Conviction with a second sequel to Pride and Prejudice, An Unlikely Missionary, both published by Double Edge Press. Prior to her full-length works, she published a poetry collection,  "A Greater Sound By Far", and a short story, novellete collection, "The Strange Marriage of Anne de Bourgh," also inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

Skylar is editor of Ancient Paths Literary Magazine and a freelance editor who works with authors to prepare their novels for publication. For more information on the author, she asks that you visit her website at http:/

Conviction: a sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Skylar Hamilton Burris
308 pages - Soft Cover List: 21.95

As the sister of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Georgiana is assured of a large dowry. It’s up to her to weed out the fortune hunters among her beaus. But will she be able to determine which man most complements her spirit? And once she has given her word to one man can she train her heart to obey? 

Questions of loyalty, faith, conviction, and love feed this engaging romp, which introduces the captivating vicar Jacob Markwood, an ambitious soldier, a flirtatious abolitionist, and an ordinary curate while continuing the lives of favorites Mr. and Mrs. Darcy and Kitty Bennett.


Jacob Markwood could give Mr. Darcy a serious run for his money in the romantic lead depart-ment. . . Skylar Burris has done an amazing job at keeping the reader believing. Her style doesn’t mimic Austen’s beat for beat, but the story is so well written that I had no problem suspending the knowledge that Austen didn’t write this. The author remained true to the characters and the style that made Pride and Prejudice such a good read. This is a must read for any Jane Austen fan.

~Sara Mills, reviewer (Christian Fiction Review) 
. . . [T]his book is wonderful and—PRIDE AND PREJUDICE aside—can stand alone as an excellent novel in and of itself. The characters are rich (and believable for the Regency period); the plot is delightful, and you’ll find Georgiana Darcy to be a moving heroine. Even if you haven’t read P&P, you can still enjoy (and love) CONVICTION.
~POD-DY Mouth, reviewer


An Unlikely Missionary
Skylar Hamilton Burris
196 pages - Soft Cover
List: 17.95

Skylar Hamilton Burris, author of Amazon Religious Romance Bestseller Conviction, explores the life of Charlotte Collins in An Unlikely Missionary her second sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

In the pages of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte Collins seems the antithesis of romance. She possesses neither beauty nor sparkling personality, as she herself ruefully acknowledges. Her lack of fortune and prospects forces her to adopt a pragmatic view of life, and, much to the horror of her close friend Elizabeth Darcy, she consents to marry the boorish Mr. Collins, a respectable rector.

From there, Skylar Hamilton Burris picks up the tale. In An Unlikely Missionary, Charlotte and her husband find themselves in the presence of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who informs them that she has arranged a mission trip for them. This seeming whim of their benefactress will prove to have far greater consequences than any of them can foresee.
Charlotte finds herself far away from the world she once knew and the practical niche she had carved within it. This new world ushers in a new cast of characters: fellow missionaries, Indian villagers, and their fascinating, mysterious, and handsome leader, Mr. Rivers. Charlotte discovers that the very traits she thought were disadvantages in her old world are valued highly by her fellow workers and even by the harsh Mr. Rivers. But will her practicality and pragmatism enable her to endure tragedy, brace her for the revelation of Mr. Rivers’ past, and equip her to search her soul and discover who she really is?


When the Heart Is Laid Bare
Skylar Hamilton Burris
256 pages - Soft Cover
List: 17.95

Coach Calder Johnson's wife has, according to the hospital social worker, expired. Expired. Like a credit card. Not like a human being. Calder hasn't had a true friend, other than his wife, in twenty-four years. So if he's going to heal, he'll have to learn to let someone inside.

Unfortunately, Calder's catalog of potential friends swells with unlikely candidates.  There's Jacoby Reynolds, the blunt Anglican priest who watched his wife die, and Lynn McIntire, the beautiful but strangely efficient single mother next door. Then there's Justin Robinson, an embittered teen Calder wants to recruit for his high school football team. Enter also Connie Myers, the new Calvert High principal, an attractive yet hard-edged woman who's determined to shake up the status quo.

Only when Coach Johnson's heart is finally laid bare will he learn that you can find friendship—and love—in the most unexpected places


"I am a big fan of Skylar Hamilton Burris' work, and have read all of her current releases. I live and work in Baltimore, Maryland and discovered her books when we moved to our current residence. The discovery was completely serendipidous. Our belongings were packed and the moving van was on its way to our new digs. We used the best family owned Baltimore movers we know of and who had moved us 2 other times. I was waiting for the movers in the new house, and in the garage I came upon a bookshelf full of books that the previous owners had left behind, and among those books was Conviction. I started reading and could not put it down! The movers arrived and I was quite annoyed that I couldn't continue reading! Anyway, I then looked up her other books and I believe I have them all. A chance encounter during a hectic move lead to a long lasting love of Ms. Burris and her charming romance novels." Whitney Charles



Six Weeks at Ryder
Karen Gonzalez
290 pages - Soft Cover
List: 21.95

Karen Gonzalez was born in New York City. As a child, her family moved to New Orleans and then to rural Picayune, Mississippi, where she spent most of her childhood. After marrying the love of her life, physician Federico Gonzalez, they moved to the Boston area. Karen is an operating room nurse and her husband and she have been married for twenty-eight years. They have four beautiful daughters and now reside in the Kansas City locale. Since the age of eight, she has been a die-hard equestrian and still rides as well as operating a small hunter-jumper facility. Her passion for horse sports has been passed down to her daughter, Bianca.

In 2010, her paper on rehabilitation of brain injury was presented at the first International Brain Injury Association meeting held in the US in Washington DC. She was subsequently invited to submit a further paper and a book presentation featuring Six Weeks at Ryder for the 2014 meeting in San Francisco, CA.

In the summer of 2005, Karen Gonzalez and her husband receive the one phone call every parent dreads: their beautiful daughter, Bianca, who risked injury every time she competed in equestrian jumping instead has been in a horrific motorcycle accident, and she hadn't been wearing a helmet.

As an R.N. working surgery, Karen is only too aware of the extensive brain damage that can come from this type of accident—if the victim even survives. They quickly exhaust their options in their local Kansas town, and Karen takes extraordinary measures to have Bianca admitted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, Florida.

During their time there, they ride out Hurricane Katrina and hear first hand accounts of what really went on in the New Orleans Superdome. Through all this, Karen is focused on Bianca. Will she move? Will she ever talk? Is there any hope at all of finding her daughter somewhere deep inside this helpless being? By the end of their Six Weeks at Ryder, she will have her answer.


James Spurr
was appointed by the Governor of Michigan to the Commission for the Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 because of his in-depth understanding of the subject. He has begun to share his knowledge, and his unfaltering writing style, in his Great Lakes, Great Guns Historical Series in 2006.

James Spurr received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in 1978, majoring in Philosophy, and received his Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University Law School in 1981. He has since graduated from law school and practiced law with the same firm, with offices throughout the state, while resident as a Senior Partner in southwest Michigan. He specializes in trials and dispute resolution for commercial clients.

James Spurr is active as a volunteer and serves upon the boards of numerous charitable organizations, including as a Director of the Michigan Maritime Museum and Board Secretary for the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society. He is also a member of the Maritime Heritage Alliance and the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History.

He enjoyed creative writing in college and as an attorney writes for a living for the benefit of his clients. He has written numerous articles published in newsletters focusing upon maritime history. He holds a United States Coast Guard Master's License and crews aboard Friends Good Will as First Officer when not sailing his own boat, skiing or playing tennis. He is married and enjoys all such activities with  his wife and two children.


Sworn for Mackinaw
Book 1 Great Lakes Great Guns Historical Series

James Spurr
292 pages - Soft Cover
List: 21.95

The first in James Spurr's Great Lakes, Great Guns Historical Series, Sworn for Mackinaw begins in pre-war Detroit with business and family man Oliver Williams and his brother-in-law, Captain William Lee. Both men stake their futures on a new venture: the fast sailing sloop Friends Good Will. When war erupts, it causes tension between friends, strains on blood bonds, and the unforeseen peril of carrying a secret cargo that may change the entire course of history.


Sworn for Mackinaw is a dramatic tale told with a seaman's voice that is clear and strong. James Spurr writes with the confidence of one who knows first hand what it means to make landfall after a hard passage.
-Gordon Laco, Historian and Lead Technical Advisor on Russell Crowe's film Master and
Commander, the Far Side of the World as well as all three of the Pirates of the Carribean movie series.

James Spurr gives flesh, sinew and blood to the bare bones historical facts of a little known period of naval warfare on the North American Great Lakes. His attention to detail and knowledge of the larger context of world events will delight history buffs. His lively descriptions of action and adventure will grab lovers of stories from the days of fighting sail. His sensitive rendering of the relationship between the characters will appeal to the hearts of all. Readers may put the book down, but they will carry Oliver and Mary, William and Be-mo-se with them wherever they go.
-Fred Neuschel, Vice President and Chairperson for Research and Publication for the
Association for Great Lakes Maritime History.




One Sloop and Slow Match
Book 2 Great Lakes Great Guns Historical Series

James Spurr
292 pages - Soft Cover
List: 21.95

James Spurr continues the saga of two strong-willed men, related through marriage, bound by friendship, separated by war, as they face the challenge of battle on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812.

In One Sloop and Slow Match, Captain William Lee and Oliver Williams
become embroiled in the cauldrons of the greatest battles to ever take place on the inland seas. Join them and a young Master Commandant Perry, initially in command of only tiny gunboats, as the struggle with Great Britain intensifies into a grueling game of wits, bloodshed and perseverance, and Perry rises to become one of our greatest American Heroes.

“We have met the enemy. . .”

From the Chicago Massacre to the blockade of U.S. Naval forces at Presque Isle on Lake Erie, James Spurr recreates the action with unerring historical accuracy while conveying the emotion of perilous uncertainty.


One Sloop and Slow Match is a captivating and spellbinding masterpiece. The reader is transported back to a time when Great Britain’s naval forces were locked in a desperate struggle with the United States’ rag tag fleet of commandeered sloops and schooners for dominance of North America’s Great Lakes region.  James Spurr’s uncompromising attention to detail vividly captures the personal sacrifice and hardships endured by those involved in the dramatic maritime events that ultimately changed the territorial boundaries of our nations Inland Seas.
~Tom Farnquist, Executive Director, Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society


Reflections in the Wake
Book 3 Great Lakes Great Guns Historical Series

James Spurr
280 pages - Soft Cover
List: 21.95

The challenges of war continue long after the last shot is fired. . .

Wary of the very peace he seeks, Captain James Lee struggles with the circumstances of his father's death. Marie LaPointe struggles with her past and fears trusting the future. Oliver Williams embraces his future, but was it bought with the life of his old friend? And Bemose wishes for nothing but the healing of the rift between her adopted son and the son of her flesh. None will find the answers until Friends Good Will gives up her final secret even from the burning timbers of her hull.


An Eagle and its Talons

James Spurr
386 pages - Soft Cover
List: 21.95

In the summer of 1914 love finds Jeanne DeReadt in the form of a young and handsome Belgian lieutenant. The young lovers go on a clandestine picnic with their friends, and the idyllic day and evening will be forever burned into Jeanne's memory. By date's end, WWI has begun, Belgium is invaded and they are at gunpoint before a German officer.

The mechanizations of a small country desperately trying to remain neutral at the onslaught of the Great World War have far reaching impacts on its citizens. From Jeanne's rash cousin Emiel to her first love Michael, all will be measured with unerring precision by the scales of war. Horrific crimes against humanity during Belgium's rubber and ivory trade are unearthed, and this same contempt of fellow human-beings is revisited on a country as a whole.

In the midst of this, Jeanne is left with struggling to save her father, feed her family by smuggling food and accept the loss of her own youth and innocence. For this one season, no one escapes the Eagle and its Talons as its shadow sweeps ominously over all of Europe..



Author Submission Guidelines:
If you are an author interested in having your work published by Double Edge Press, send an email to with the subject: Submission. Include the following information in the body of your email:

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  • sales history if you are previously published
  • a summation of what your submitted manuscript is about
  • contact information

Submit your entire ms. as an attachment. 
We will not reply unless we are interested.
Please note that we are a Christian Publisher and are interested in books that are not contrary to a Christian world view. (I.e. - no vampire, werewolf, erotica, etc.)
We do not publish childrens books or poetry.